360 Dotnet

360 Lifecycle is the client management system specifically developed for those within the financial industry to put you in control of your business, data and company processes. www.360dotnet.co.uk


Advizzo is a behavioural science SaaS company that transforms the way consumers think about energy and water use. £2.65m raised from Earthworm Capital. www.advizzo.com


Beemray is the API for Predictive Analytics, Consumer Insights, and Data Science Automation. www.beemray.com


Pricing Software for retailers which finds hidden pockets of profit through A.I. £2m raised from Mercia and Nauta Capital. www.blackcurve.com


Take the guesswork out of perfecting your instore marketing. Plan, create and implement brilliant retail campaigns with Colateral software-as-a-service. Raised £1.45m from The FSE Group and SMP. www.colteral.io


ContentCal is a simple, visual social and content marketing calendar for planning and auto-publishing to save time and create better social media content. www.contentcal.io


Cudoni is an e-commerce business dedicated to selling pre-owned luxury goods with a focus on exceptional service, an ethical outlook and the utmost convenience. www.cudoni.com


CyNation is an Integrated Risk Management company focused on managing the risks inherent in supply chains and third-party ecosystems. www.cynation.com

Essentia Analytics

Essentia uses applied behavioral finance and machine learning to improve investor performance. Raised £2.5m from Calculus Capital. www.essentia-analytics.com


AI-driven recruitment technology that makes recruitment intelligent, responsive and scalable. www.eva.ai


Fifty is a technology company focused on large scale analysis of Social Media data to fundamentally redefine how organisations understand and engage their customers. Raised £3.5m. www.fifty.io

Flying Colours

Go Instore

Immersive live video technology solution connecting staff at physical locations to website customers. www.goinstore.com


GPDQ connects you with an experienced GP for a video consultation, visit or in clinic appointment. www.gdpq.co.uk


HUGHUB is a customer-centric insurance technology platform, transforming interaction and engagement across a full range of protection products to create a seamless, omnichannel experience that unifies existing core systems and functionality by applying FinTech capability. Raised £2m. www.hughub.co.uk

LaunchPad Recruits

LaunchPad's platform helps you transform your candidate journey and future-proof your recruitment strategy with video interview, assessment and automation to deliver an exceptional experience. Raised £2m from Sussex Place Ventures and Edenred Capital Partners. www.launchpadrecruits.com


By leveraging technology, OSINT (open-source intelligence) and experienced analysts, Neotas are going beyond and setting new standards in Due Diligence,Staff Screening and Compliance. Raised £1.5m from Symvan Capital and Force Over Mass. www.neotas.com


Pavegen is a breakthrough smart city technology that creates high engagement with citizens by converting their footsteps into energy, data and rewards. Raised £2m on Crowdcube. www.pavegen.com


Games for good platform connecting brands to millions of engaged gamers to participate in purpose driven campaigns. www.playmob.com


B2B payment platform built using Open Banking www.pollentechnologies.com

Recruitment Smart

Game-changing AI for recruitment using machine learning to match CVs and job specifications, driving efficiency and effectiveness. Raised from Force Over Mass Capital. www.recruitmentsmart.com


Platform that enables businesses of all sizes to create high quality, branded content marketing campaigns www.join.scene.io